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  Project Experience
  Many of these projects were turnkey.
  • General Motors new global G16 controls architecture utilizing GCCH-1 (Hardware Standards) and GCCS-2 (Software Standards). 
  • Automobile and Truck Assembly  
    • Body Shop - Tooling and Mechanical Handling 
    • Paint Shop - Conveyors and Information Systems 
    • General Assembly - Error Proofing and Gate Release
  • Error Proofing System 
    • Label apply 
    • Camera & 2D scanners 
    • Part pick 
    • Gate release 
  • Conveyor Systems (new and rework)
  • Material Electronic Pull Systems 
  • Upgrade Bottling Line 
  • Welder Water Systems
  • Air Makeup Units 
  • PLC upgrades from PLC-2 and PLC-3 to PLC-5